Shop Titans Hits Epic Games Store

Shop ’til you Titan.

Shop Titans is going epic, by which I mean it will soon be available on the Epic Games Store. The shopkeeper title has amassed over eight million downloads since launch in 2019 across PC and mobile, with players tasked with maintaining a shop selling all kinds of things your average adventurer might need. And you don’t even have to wait long, as the game hits the store on July 21. That’s roughly a week from this publication.

To get players started, a package containining over $100 in goodies will be given away in the Epic Games Store from July 21 through July 28. The pack contains boosts, blueprints, and of course a llama pinata.

“Releasing Shop Titans on the Epic Games Store is a pivotal moment for our game and
provides an opportunity for an entire new audience to craft, negotiate and sell their way to the
top,” said Johan Eile, General Manager of Kabam’s Montreal Studio. “Our dedicated community
of players continue to play an important role in helping us develop this title, and we can’t wait to
see the community grow even further.”

Source: Press Release

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