Naraka Bladepoint Gears Up For Free Weekend

Also adding new hero.

Naraka Bladepoint is without a doubt a game about points of blades. The folks at Netease and 24 Entertainment this week dropped some details on tomorrow’s big update (that’s August 19) that is shaping up to be the biggest update since launch.

Foremost you have the new Holoroth map, a map with five regions of which one will be unavailable at launch. Probably some form of storytelling. Zipin Yi joins the game as a new hero, with her purpose being to lower the learning curve of getting into Naraka which can be quite high for some.

Didn’t buy Naraka? Not an issue. Starting August 19 and running through Tuesday you’ll be able to play the free trial for no charge. The game itself will be 50% off during this time frame as well. Check it out. Naraka Bladepoint currently has a 79% rating on Steam.

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