Steam: Valve Bans Another 40 Apps

The November ban wave just keeps coming.

The November massacre continues as Valve banned an additional 39 AppIDs today. Most notable among the ban wave is Super Fight, a $200 potentially money laundering title that is at best a scam made from a recycled pre-built game pack. You may be aware of Super Fight from when Charlie made a video about it a couple years back.

The reasons for the removals seem all across the board from obvious fake reviews (numerous accounts that don’t own games) to the hentai games likely containing stolen artwork as they tend to do. The games from Origin Team (Fall In Love) definitely got banned due to stolen artwork if the forums are anything to go by. The game Urban Fight is definitely chock full of fake Chinese reviews by newly created and stolen accounts alike.

Overall though it looks like Valve has been taking heavy aim at Chinese games posting fake reviews and using stolen art over the last few days. It’s only Wednesday and Valve have banned about 75 titles this week, almost entirely made up of Chinese shovelware and money laundering games.

The whole list below:

  • ??????
  • ?????
  • ??????
  • ??????
  • ????——??1
  • ?????
  • ????
  • ???
  • Blue Star Mobile Team
  • Christmas Town – Passion House
  • Endless War
  • Eternal dark winter
  • girl as sweet as candy
  • Hidden Girl
  • Honey Eliminating
  • Island Elf
  • LonlyToy
  • Lust elimination
  • passion ktv
  • Pretty girl cube
  • Purple Fantasy
  • save the princess
  • sniper
  • Succubus Racing
  • Super fight
  • Cube World
  • Quadratic puzzle 1
  • Quadratic puzzle 2
  • Quadratic puzzle 3
  • Quadratic puzzle 4
  • Quadratic puzzle 5
  • Urban Fight
  • urban fight – DLC
  • urban fight – DLC2
  • urban fight – npc
  • urban fight -DLC3

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