Kingshunt Starts Early Access Today

Tactical arena gameplay.

Kingshunt is officially out on Steam in early access, and you can access its early access on Steam. At this link. Developed by Vaki Games and published by A List Games, Kingshunt is a third person arena brawler that pits teams of five players against one another in an arena. To brawl in.

“After a number of successful closed beta tests and overwhelmingly positive community feedback during the recent Steam Next Fest, we are excited to have Kingshunt enter early access as a free to play game,” said Teemu Jyrkinen, CEO of Vaki Games. “We are massive fans of this genre, and as we enter into early access, our goal is to listen intently to our growing playerbase and quickly implement any changes or improvements to the game in collaboration with our community.”

Kingshunt is constructed in part with the assets from Paragon, Epic’s shuttered attempt at joining the MOBA genre from a few years ago. Check it out. It’s free.

Source: Press Release

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