Edengrad’s Developer Is Still Alive, Somehow

Making low key mobile games.

This evening I got to thinking about that zany developer Huckleberry Games, one of the many developers to claim that their game wasn’t going anywhere and then ultimately do nothing with it. You may recall back in 2021 I wrote about Huckleberry Games being effectively dead as a game developer. In March to be exact. Huckleberry was selling stocks to gain capital to continue funding Edengrad, and it looks like the money never actually went to funding Edengrad.

Because Edengrad is dead. In the meantime however, Huckleberry Games became Neurone, a developer of mobile and mobile-esque titles. Or they merged, I can’t make heads or tails of the 60+ page Polish investor meetings. Titles include the upcoming The Smugglers, Pest Control, Arena of Insect, Zombie Horde Attack, and Tap Tap Hero.

How’s it going? Not great. Pest Control has been out for a full year and a half and has seven total reviews on Steam. Arena of Insect has no discernable reviews on the App Store. Zombie Horde Attack has the distinction of having “100+” reviews on the Google Play store with zero ratings, and I couldn’t find actual evidence that Tap Tap Hero exists, as neither the Apple Store or Google Play Store pull up results, and there are no answers from Google.

Edengrad itself has finally been fully delisted from the Steam store. Why now? Who knows. I’m guessing Valve forced it since the game hasn’t been on sale in three years. Neurone continues to post pretty regularly on Facebook, but as far as game development is concerned it looks like this studio’s probably short upcoming lifespan will mostly consist of mobile games nobody will play and Steam games nobody will play.

I’d ask them myself, but the company has never in five years answered a single one of my prior emails.

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