Valve Allows Then Bans Pirated Game On Steam

As developer tries to cover tracks.

Another day, another scummy person trying to make an ill-gotten buck. This week Valve banned developer
U.Ground Game Studio from Steam, and I use the term “developer” loosely because it seems all they did was upload a pirated game. The game Nine Heavens was banned from Steam today for reasons that should become obvious in a moment.

Now the developer attempted to wipe the game from Steam and upload it with a completely different game prior to being banned. But this is what Nine Heavens looked like before it was swapped;

Look familiar? It is if you know the game Nobody – The Turnaround. Here’s that game for good measure.

In what I can only assume was a hasty attempt to clear the evidence and avoid getting banned after players on the forums started calling the game a scam, the developer swapped out the title with this crap. A “sandbox” game full of presumably stolen or free assets that was just tossed up to hopefully save face. It didn’t work. The developer is banned now.

Oh and people were uploading porn to the workshop.

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