Steam: VALOFE Wins Most Hated Steam Game

Only 4% of users like O2 Jam Online

Steam officially has a new “most hated” game of all time, and MMO Fallout readers might not be surprised to see that it’s coming to us from VALOFE, the company behind the parasitic relaunches of Bless Online as Bless Unleashed. VALOFE, who have one whole game out of a dozen games on Steam with a positive review score, released O2 Jam Online about a week ago and everyone hates it.

With 1,066 reviews at the time of this post, O2 Jam Online has a whole 4% review score making it the most despised game on Steam by a longshot. For comparison, the second most hated game is Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan expansion and Superpower 3 with a much better (by comparison) 10% rating.

According to reviews, the game is a very low quality port of the mobile game that suffers from poor performance, removed features like online play despite literally being called “O2 Jam Online”, and often runs out of sync with the audio. Oh and you are required to pay monthly to access the music. Players have also complained about the intrusive anti-cheat being effectively a keylogger. According to some reports, the billing system is so poorly implemented that the monthly subscription has started billing some players daily.

And for what it’s worth, while the game has racked up 1,000 very angry reviews in a week the game itself has been dead on arrival. O2 Jam Online boasts a whole 337 player peak with 17 concurrent users as of this publishing.

You’re telling me VALOFE released a greedy, incompetent rush job of a mobile port and nobody is playing it? That’s so unlike them!

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