PSA: Escape From Tarkov On Steam Is A Scam

Don’t buy it.

Update: Escape From Tarkov’s Steam listing has been banned by Valve.

Original Story: Escape From Tarkov is not being sold on Steam and developer Battlestate Games has not listed the title nor is there any real indication that they have plans of selling the game on Steam in the near future. And you may be reading this and thinking “Connor, if Battlestate Games isn’t selling Escape From Tarkov on Steam, why does your article have a screenshot of exactly such a Steam listing?”

Easy. The listing is fake. There is a page for Escape From Tarkov on Steam, however buying it does not purchase a legitimate copy of Escape From Tarkov nor does it support Battlestate Games. In fact it won’t even get you a copy of Escape From Tarkov, as what you really get is a 2D game called Escape From Tartarus. This is the game that your $45 will get you.

The soon to be banned from Steam developers early in the morning on January 24, according to the Steam database, unilaterally changed the name of the game, bumped the price up, and have slowly altered everything over the last few weeks to impersonate Escape From Tarkov hoping to scam unsuspecting customers and get away with a few dollarydoos before they got caught.

But they got caught pretty darn fast. As you might expect, the scammer running this operation is regularly clearing the forums in the hopes that nobody exposes the scam for what it is.

We expect the game and “developer” to be summarily banned from Steam once Valve wakes up for the day and sees the hundreds of reports in their inbox. Until then, don’t buy Escape From Tarkov on Steam. It’s not real.

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