Fortnite Ends Weekly Quest Expiration

Today’s update stops you losing quests every week.

It is update day on Fortnite, and you know what that means; brand crossovers. This week brings back the collaboration with Dragon Ball and the unvaulting of the Kamehameha attack item as well as the Nimbus Cloud mobility item. If you want you can also pick up Piccolo and Gohan skins from the store.

But players may be more excited to hear that starting this week Season 1 weekly quests will no longer expire. One of the changes to Fortnite this season involved making weekly quests expire at the end of the week with a new set of quests cycling through. In previous seasons weekly quests would simply stack and remain available until the end of the season regardless of when the player logged in.

Evidently players and Epic weren’t too satisfied with this change, and as a result Epic has reversed course. As of this week, weekly quests will no longer expire.

From v23.30 and onwards, Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1 Weekly Quests will no longer expire after a week. They will remain until the end of Season, meaning players can complete a set of Weekly Quests anytime until Chapter 4 Season 1’s end date.

One other potentially welcome feature is that the guardian shield now blocks Deku’s smash ability.

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