Play Dysterra Free Starting February 2

Free weekend.

Dysterra, the sci-fi survival game, is hosting a free weekend. Starting February 2 and running through February 6, you’ll be able to download the full game and check it out at no upfront cost and without any limitations. If you do decide to buy the game after playing the demo, the game will also be discounted 30% on Steam until February 9.

Times for the free weekend are as follows:

PST February 2nd 10:00 – February 6th 10:00
CET February 2nd 19:00 – February 7th 19:00
KST February 3rd 03:00 – February 6th 03:00

Dysterra was developed by Reality MagiQ and published by Kakao Games. It holds a 60% mixed overall rating and a 76% mostly positive recent review score.

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