New World Debuts $20 Season Passes

In March update.

New World is dropping in a new system for generating content and of course revenue. As announced this week, New World is adopting a seasonal content approach going forward after the March 31 update. What does this mean? Battle passes of course.

Players who have reached Level 25 will also have the option to purchase the Premium Track for additional rewards, such as cosmetics, additional Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, and even more seasonal loot. Players can opt-in to the Premium Track at any point during the Season and will retroactively receive all eligible rewards. At the end of the Season any unearned, unique seasonal rewards will be vaulted.

The three month seasonal update format also allows New World to update on a predictable schedule. Rewards are claimable once per region but on any character that is at least level 25.

Source: Steam

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