Broken Ranks Drops New Boss Fight

Sidraga requires cooperation.

Broken Ranks dropped a new update this week. Players are encouraged if not downright required to band together and work as a team to defeat Sidraga, the latest endgame instance, as well as part one of the game’s gear overhaul.

Sidraga’s instance is available for players level 135 and above and offers five new legendary pieces of gear by defeating none other than Sidraga herself. You’ll need to complete a quest just to get through the front door even.

Whitemoon Games founder Krzysztof Danilewicz stated:

“Apart from the new boss instance, we’re also doing a complete overhaul of all gear in the game. We begin by laying the foundations. As we announced earlier, the basis of the new gear customization system will be the ability to insert any character-enhancing modifiers into gear using the so-called drifs. We want to give players more development paths, encourage them to try new things, and make gameplay more exciting. The more options you have, the better the fun.”

Players will be able to combine drifs into more powerful versions and then extract them to place them in different pieces of gear. A set of frequently asked questions regarding gear changes can be found here. More details on the update overall can be found at the official website as well.

Source: Press Release

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