Jagex Accounts Go Into Open Beta

That’s the open beta for Jagex accounts.

Jagex accounts are now in open beta, meaning if you didn’t have a Jagex account before you bet your sweet bippy you can have one now. The move allows players to enhance their security with more multifactor upgrade options, keep all of their characters under one roof, and even continue playing under the Runelite client after patching in.

Upgrading to a Jagex account will require some changes in how you log in, particularly your authenticator app. More details at the official website below.

We’d like to clarify that acccount security is a major concern for players and a core focus for us! Jagex Accounts allow for increased security and stability, far superior to what is currently offered with an Old School/RuneScape Account by using modern, industry-standard technology to allow your account(s) to be safer than ever before!

Check it out.

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