Marauders Reveals United Allies Update

April 25 on Steam.

I’ve become accustomed to Marauders updates looking pretty cool, even if I have no intention of playing an extraction game. Following the release of the Red Baron boss, Marauders recently announced its next update; United Allies.

Set to launch on April 25, United Allies introduces a new colony cruiser for players to explore and get ganked on. The cruiser holds the new faction, the United Allies (obviously). Spoiler alert, the United Allies are not your friends. Take them on, get those kills, and get your hands on some loot.

Or kill the poor bastard who just spent the last half hour doing your work for you and take his loot. The update introduces 14 new ships to unlock, a new wreckage resource, in-flight salvaging, explosive barrels, in-raid vendors, and proximity voice chat.

Check it out on a Steam store near you.

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