Activision Blizzard Celebrates Record Results With Mass Layoffs

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick announced in an investor earnings call today that the company will lay off nearly 800 employees, mostly in non-game-development areas. The layoffs are expected to impact Activision, Blizzard, and King studios. The decision comes after the company achieved “record results” in 2018, however not as high as investors had hoped for.

Last year Activision parted ways with Bungie following the less than stellar launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion. Last year’s announcement of Diablo Immortal, a mobile spinoff in development in conjunction with Netease, was very poorly received. Black Ops IIII meanwhile has proven to be very popular with its Blackout battle royale mode.

Bobby Kotick stated:

 “While our financial results for 2018 were the best in our history, we didn’t realize our full potential. To help us reach our full potential, we have made a number of important leadership changes. These changes should enable us to achieve the many opportunities our industry affords us, especially with our powerful owned franchises, our strong commercial capabilities, our direct digital connections to hundreds of millions of players, and our extraordinarily talented employees.”

MMO Fallout sends our regards to those affected by the layoffs. In response to the layoff announcement, support has been pouring in from around the internet with various developers posting their job openings and offering assistance to those affected. According to Activision, laid of employees will receive a severance package, health benefits, and career placement assistance. Activision stocks jumped by about $2 in after-hours trading.

The recently unemployed (or even others) are encouraged to check out this Google doc in which dozens of developers have been listed with openings.

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