Angry Blizzard Employees Cover “All Voices Matter” Sign

Today has not been great for Blizzard following the company’s decision to silence and ban a Hearthstone competitor during the Grandmaster tournament after he expressed support for Hong Kong during a live interview. In their attempt at damage control, Blizzard released a statement and then shut down comments on the website. The Blizzard Reddit has been locked.

The Hearthstone Reddit is flooded with players proclaiming that they are professionally done with Blizzard. The Blizzard boycott is trending #11 on Twitter. Now employees are making their dissatisfaction known. As posted by Kevin Hovdestad on Twitter, Blizzard employees came into work this morning and made their disagreement with management’s decisions known by covering up the company’s “Think Globally” and “Every Voice Matters” signs.

With Blizzcon coming in just a few weeks, Blizzard’s response to the spiraling outrage will be interesting.

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