Blacklight: Retribution Is Dead, Servers To Shutter March 11 On PC

In regards to Blacklight: Retribution, the writing for the game’s closure has been on the wall for several years now, particularly dating back to 2015 when its developer Zombie Studios shut its doors as well as last year when publisher Hardsuit Labs announced the merger of the US and EU servers into one. Average user numbers dropped to below 100 in August 2018, according to Steam Charts, and the end was inevitable.

As posted on Reddit, PC servers will permanently shut down on March 11. Playstation 4 players, however many there are, have been spared from the shutdown simply due to the fact that there are no in-game servers hosted for it. To thank the remaining players, all items have been unlocked and made free on the PC store.

February 8th
* PC Store unlocked and free
* PC Account migration shut down
March 11th
* PC game servers shut down permanently
* Support shut down

Blacklight: Retribution launched in 2012 from Zombie Studios; creators of the Spec Ops game series. A free to play first person shooter, Blacklight was one of the first free to play games to launch on Playstation 4 alongside Warframe and DC Universe Online.

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