Daybreak’s Player Studio Program Isn’t Dead, Revival Coming

Daybreak’s Player Studio program allows modders to create and submit their custom models in Everquest, Everquest II, and Planetside 2. If Daybreak sells the item in the in-game cash shop, you’ll be able to take a portion of the revenue. The future of the Player Studio has been in doubt ever since Daybreak’s acquisition and mass layoffs, however Planetside 2 producer Nick Silva posted this week on the Daybreak official forums to announce that not only has he been put in charge, but that the Player Studio will be given renewed attention.

Silva notes that the process will involve disabling new artist registrations temporarily, set to begin on March 25.

“In the meantime, we will be evaluating options for overhauling the Player Studio site with the intention of allowing broader categories of submissions and a more streamlined submission process. Provided that comes to fruition, we will be once again allowing new artists to join the new and improved program. Before that discussion takes place, we will be sure to process the backlog of Player Studio submissions already waiting in queue. Some of our artists have been waiting for a very long time for any sort of action to be taken on their projects, and for that I apologize.”

Source: Daybreak

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