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Everyone Missed It: Daybreak Permanently Closes Everquest Player Studio

Since Daybreak has fallen out of the public spotlight, nobody notices when they shut things down anymore. Flashback to March 1 and you will find producer Nick Silva stating that the player studio is absolutely not dead, and will in fact return better than ever. “In the meantime, we will be evaluating options for overhauling […]

Daybreak’s Player Studio Program Isn’t Dead, Revival Coming

Daybreak’s Player Studio program allows modders to create and submit their custom models in Everquest, Everquest II, and Planetside 2. If Daybreak sells the item in the in-game cash shop, you’ll be able to take a portion of the revenue. The future of the Player Studio has been in doubt ever since Daybreak’s acquisition and […]

Sony Announces Player Studio: Create Items For Everquest

Sony Online Entertainment has done it again. Last night, John Smedley tweeted that there were two major announcements coming Thursday and Friday. No, they aren’t the shutting down of Planetside (nor are they the acquisition of Paragon Studios, so stop asking). The first major announcement, released today, involves the Everquest games, Vanguard, and Free Realms. […]

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