[NM] G2A Vows To Pay Devs 10x Money Lost On Chargebacks

G2A; it’s a website whose very mention here at MMO Fallout will cause some developers to stop communicating with me.

You may be familiar with G2A thanks to its reputation as the place that sells video games dirt cheap, but also as a place that developers/publishers hate because the whole key reselling world is kind of unregulated and open to problems related to fraud. There have been a lot of accusations leveled against G2A in the past for facilitating and profiting off of credit fraud, people buying game keys from devs using stolen credit cards and then selling those keys for pure profit. As you’d expect for any company looking to protect its reputation, G2A has repeatedly denied all claims of malfeasance.

According to G2A, the overwhelming majority of their keys are sold by wholesalers, businesses who get their keys in large quantities from the publisher and sell at a good deal. In a blog post put up this week, the company announced that they are putting up an offer for developers: If you think your stolen keys are being sold on our store, get in touch. G2A will pay for independent auditing and if any stolen keys were sold on G2A, they will pay ten times the money they lost on chargebacks.

Let’s lay all cards on the table. We will pay developers 10 times the money they lost on chargebacks after their illegally obtained keys were sold on G2A. The idea is simple: developers just need to prove such a thing actually happened on their stores.

To assure honesty and transparency, we will ask a reputable and independent auditing company to make an unbiased examination of both sides – the developer’s store and G2A Marketplace. The cost of the first three audits is on us, every next one will be split 50/50. 

The auditing company will check if any game keys sold on G2A were obtained using stolen credit cards on a developer’s store compliant with card scheme rules from Visa and Master Card/payment provider rules. If so, G2A guarantees it’ll pay all the money the developer lost on chargebacks… multiplied by 10.  

I won’t go any further into the piece since I’ve no doubt been blocked on Twitter by about a dozen more indie game devs just by acknowledging that the blog post exists. You can read it at the link below and make up your own mind.

For the sake of preempting a few comments, I am reporting on this on my own volition and this piece was not sent to me by anyone.

Source: G2A

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