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Playstation Credit Card: New Arbitration Rules, Late Fees, and Your Personal Info

Do you have a Playstation credit card? Keep reading. Those of you who have Playstation credit cards will be getting an email shortly that you will most likely throw out because it says “important information about changes to your Playstation Card Account” and who ever pays attention to that boring garbage? Thankfully you have me, […]

[NM] G2A Vows To Pay Devs 10x Money Lost On Chargebacks

G2A; it’s a website whose very mention here at MMO Fallout will cause some developers to stop communicating with me. You may be familiar with G2A thanks to its reputation as the place that sells video games dirt cheap, but also as a place that developers/publishers hate because the whole key reselling world is kind […]

Credit Card Fraud Hits Black Desert Online

If you were looking to give the gift of cash shop items in Black Desert Online, you’re out of luck. Due to rampant credit card fraud, Black Desert Online will no longer allow cash shop items to be gifted. In a post on the official forums, Daum Games also announced that players purchasing from gold […]

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