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[NM] G2A Vows To Pay Devs 10x Money Lost On Chargebacks

G2A; it’s a website whose very mention here at MMO Fallout will cause some developers to stop communicating with me. You may be familiar with G2A thanks to its reputation as the place that sells video games dirt cheap, but also as a place that developers/publishers hate because the whole key reselling world is kind […]

Gearbox Follows Through: Cancels Deal With G2A

Following yesterday’s delcaration of demands against G2A, Gearbox Software have announced that they are cancelling their partnership with the key reseller. The two parties were partnered for the launch of Bulletstorm: Full Clip edition on Steam, going as far as having a G2A exclusive collector’s edition. After being presented with evidence that G2A was profiting […]

Gearbox Issues List of Demands To G2A

Gearbox Software has issued an ultimatum to, an online key reseller and distributor with whom the game developer had partnered with for the upcoming launch of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. G2A, where people can sell keys, has come under fire in recent years for its inability to police its market for users selling game […]

G2A Approaches Indies At Insomnia59

Insomnia59 has come and gone, the UK’s biggest gaming festival saw developers of all stripes and sizes coming together to run tournaments, give live Q&A sessions, and showcase their latest games and VR tech. G2A showed up at the event to meet with indie developers and show their plans for supporting independent developers through programs […]

Steam Dev: Torrent My Game Instead Of Using G2A

Action Henk would rather you pirate their games than support shady resellers like G2A, one of the game’s two programmers posted on Reddit following last week’s controversial statements over the key reseller. Consistently the ire of developers, G2A came to attention once again last week after allegations surfaced that the service sold $450 thousand in […]

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