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Jagged Alliance Online To Sunset November 30

  Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded is the latest victim of online-only games, as developer/publisher Cliffhanger Productions announced last week that the servers will come down in November. Initially launched into open beta way back in 2012, developed by Cliffhanger Productions and published at the time by Gamigo. In 2015, the game was rebooted on Steam, […]

Shadowrun Servers Will Stay Up Despite Bankruptcy, Says Dev

Cliffhanger Productions has declared bankruptcy and is in the process of liquidation, and players are understandably concerned about the future of their MMO Shadowrun Chronicles. Luckily for customers and Kickstarter backers, we’ve been assured that the game isn’t going anywhere and will continue to receive updates. The details are a little fuzzy, but we’ve learned […]

Jagged Alliance Online’s Steamy Success

Jagged Alliance Online recently launched on Steam, and suffice to say the guys over at Cliffhanger Productions are very happy with the results. In a press release sent out today, Cliffhanger Productions noted that in the three weeks since its launch, Jagged Alliance Online has skyrocketed into the top five most popular DLC products on […]

Jagged Alliance Online Now On Steam

As previously announced, Jagged Alliance Online is now available for download and play on Steam. The free to play MMO was originally launched on browsers via Gamigo’s game portal, and is expanding its visibility to the Steam community. The game weighs in at a rather light two gigabytes of storage space and recommends a 2.4ghz […]

Shadowrun Online’s Story System Is…Interesting?

Shadowrun Online passed its Kickstarter Goal of half a million dollars way back in August 2012, and while the game won’t be hitting its original May 2013 anticipated launch, the team over at Cliffhanger Productions is working hard and keeping the community informed. In an update released today, the team is blogging about how the […]

Jagged Alliance Online Coming To Steam

Cliffhanger Productions has some good news. The latest update from the Shadowrun Online Kickstarter deals with introducing armor and what effect it will have on players in the upcoming MMO when it comes out (hopefully) later this year. On the other hand, the folks had some good news about Jagged Alliance Online, which not so […]

Shadowrun Online Seeks Additional Funding

Shadowrun Online was funded way back in August, to the tune of over half a million dollars, but the funding has not stopped there. If you wanted to get in on the Kickstarter action but did not for one reason or another, do I have good news for you. The blokes at Cliffhanger Productions have […]

Video of the _____: Shadowrun Online Contextual Gameplay

Shadowrun Online has only 7 days left and $250,000 in funding to raise, so Cliffhanger Productions has released a video describing how each class sees the world. (Source: Kickstarter)

Kickstarter: Shadowrun Online For Just $500,000

Hey bro, can you spot me some cash to fund Shadowrun Online? I only need ten grand for the top level Kickstarter perk. Shadowrun is a game all about gritty action and player factions warring it out over a persistent world. According to the description, players will be able to shape not just the world […]

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