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IPE News: VIolating A Terms of Service Is Still Not A Crime

Good news, internet-goers, violating a website’s terms of service isn’t a crime. It hasn’t been for years, but a recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has gone to solidify and embolden that ruling. In this case, Oracle USA sued Rimini Street Inc in Nevada District Court over allegations of misuse of their […]

ESA Opposes Restoring Online Functionality For Shuttered Services

Allowing people to continue playing games that they legally own, but cannot access due to shuttered services, will destroy the videogame industry and undermine the copyright law. At least this is how the Entertainment Software Association, a trade association representing some of the largest game producers, would like you to think. The ESA, along with […]

The EFF Wants DMCA Protection For Abandoned Games

When the servers shut down for your favorite games, often times players find themselves out of luck and with a product that is no longer usable. To make matters worse, attempts to recover the game by setting up private servers or releasing a program to circumvent the now-useless DRM, run the risk of being met […]

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