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RuneScape Prepares To End Three Year Storyline

If there is one thing RuneScape is famous for, it is how Jagex stretches quest lines over a long period of real time. For instance, did you know that the city of Menaphos, set to become accessible in 2017, was first inserted into the game world in 2005? Yea, twelve years. That is a hell […]

Snapshots: RuneScape NXT

RuneScape is celebrating the launch of its new game client, NXT, and Jagex has sent over a few screenshots of the new engine to grab your eye. Check them out in the gallery below and, if you like what you see, head on over to to download the new client.

Beta Perspective: RuneScape NXT Impressions

I consider myself something of a fan of RuneScape, having played it continuously since 2004 and racked up more than four thousand hours of gameplay, and I’m sure few would disagree with that statement. That being said, I’ve been heavily critical of Jagex as a company and certain facets of RuneScape as a game, and nothing […]

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