Snapshots: Avalon: Sacred Crusade

Demo now available.

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Snapshots: Lee Nabi’s New Digs

Shabooya Roll Call.

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Snapshots: My Pink Bean Edition

Today’s snapshot comes to us from MapleStoryM, the mobile spinoff of everyone’s favorite game to say “I remember that game.”

The folks at Nexon are hosting an event (go figure) for My Pink Bean. The gist of the event is that you get food to feed your bean, with the ultimate goal of leveling it up and getting rewards such as the pink bean chair and the pink bean mount. It’s all just so gosh darn adorable.

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Snapshots: Trust In Destiny

Today’s Snapshots comes to us from Destiny 2 where I’m going to take a moment to bring attention to my beautiful hand cannon Trust. It probably isn’t the best hand cannon in the game by far, but it has heart and looks pretty damn cool with the copper skin I attached to it.

Look forward to a new Snapshots every whenever-I-remember-this-column-exists.

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