Whatever Happened To: Hello Kitty Online


Considering the recent library of kid-friendly MMOs shutting down, I decided to check in our friends at Sanrio Town and see how Hello Kitty Online was doing after all these years. We don’t talk about games like Hello Kitty Online much here at MMO Fallout, except to point to the company’s knack for charity work, and it’s been a good year or so since we last checked in with our feline friend. Unfortunately, while the lights are still on, it appears that no one is home. The servers are online, however the game has not received any new content since March 2012. To top it off, Google went berzerk as I tried to enter the forums, warning that the domain had been flagged for containing malware.

According to a few members of the forum, concurrent population is in the single digits assuming it doesn’t drop down to zero at times. It looks like Hello Kitty Online is essentially over and done with.

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