Maplestory 2 Removing Fairfight Balancing System

Maplestory 2 is saying farewell to fairfight, removing the controversial system in an update coming this week.

After announcing Project New Leaf, Nexon’s initiative to address Maplestory 2 feedback, the publisher will be releasing the first update in the initiative on Thursday February 28. Maplestory 2’s next update removes Fairfight, a balancing system that normalizes high level and low level players. This creates a wider range of content that high level players can explore without the restrictions of playing with low level friends. Additionally, Trader’s Ribbons are set to receive updates that will make them applicable to legendary gear.

Nexon also took this time to warn players about illegal Meso purchases (IE: All of them), that players who purchase Mesos illegally will receive permanent bans.

Source: Maplestory 2

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