[Not Massive] Valve Just Struck Down Digital Homicide


In the world of Steam and shady developers, no name has drawn quite as much hatred from the gaming public like Digital Homicide. Not unlike similar personalities including Uwe Boll, Digital Homicide’s notoriety is only superseded by the fact that the perception of its following is much higher than the real numbers. What it does have, however, is the ability to flip Unity engine assets and turn those into cookie cutter games that are quickly becoming parodies of themselves.

downloadFast forward to Steam Greenlight, a service that Digital Homicide has flooded with dozens of titles. As of this publishing, the company has more than forty titles in its Greenlight section. You read that correctly, more than forty. In their rush to clutter the service with as many titles as possible, Digital Homicide has resorted to putting out entire series of games that appear to be quite literally the exact same game but with different stock images.

To the left is Daisy’s Sweet Time: Cupcake Mania 3. It is identical to the other two iterations of the game plastered on Greenlight, and functionally it is also identical to Merle Wizard Extraordinaire #1, 2, and 3, all posted on the exact same day. Those games, in turn, are identical down to the placement of enemies, to Sarah to the Rescue, and its four sequels. Eleven games, all posted to Steam on the same day, all completely identical except for the art. As of this posting, there are more than a dozen Space Inavders clones up on Greenlight through Digital Homicide.

download (1)And the list goes on. Games that are reskins of other Digital Homicide games, sequels upon sequels that are the exact same title coming out at the same time as the original, functionally identical except for slight changes in art.

Because I am a veritable soothsayer of the gaming industry, I started this piece yesterday to convey the message that Valve should do its job and strike these games down. As so happens in the magical box that is the WordPress draft folder, my wish was granted and Valve has struck down many of Digital Homicide’s current Greenlight games.


If you head over to their workshop, you’ll notice that a good two dozen of Digital Homicide’s games have been blackmarked by Valve as “incompatible with Greenlight.” Whether or not this fully disqualifies titles for release is up for debate, however Valve has clearly shown their disapproval for Digital Homicide’s release tactics.

Overall, 22 of Digital Homicide’s games have been slapped with an incompatible tag. Despite being labeled as incompatible, Wyatt Derp 2 is still available for purchase. Granted, the game was made available before Valve tagged the title, so the future of Digital Homicide’s presence on Steam is certainly in question.

MMO Fallout will update with more information as it becomes available.

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20 Responses to “[Not Massive] Valve Just Struck Down Digital Homicide”

  1. Fallen Prime says:

    Let me be the first (here) to say FUCKING FINALLY.

  2. Dragonots says:

    That is one of the most deserved blackmarkings of all time.

  3. Dinglebat Fingledang says:

    Leafy from removed their games from their search engine as well, so the only way you can find their “games” is through their profile or direct links.

    This is definitely a good first step, but they need to be removed from these services completely.

  4. Locuas says:

    Can’t say that, considering their insistence of taking their conflict with a certain internet individual to the next step by fully goinginto the legal field, i am surprised that Valve had considered to do something about this.

  5. Matthew says:

    Why couldn’t Valve leave it there? Surely having these games exist on Steam doesn’t do anyone any harm, as long as their store filtering/search works well. Especially with Steam refunds, I think they should just have let reviews and customer opinion speak for themselves

    • David Everard says:

      Actually, it can harm genuinely sincere developers to quite an extent. DigiHom are the masters of shovelware, which does nothing except flood the Steam Store front page, pushing down other games that deserve to be noticed arguably more than asset flips

      • Matthew says:

        I agree that these games (if we can call them that) are awful, require practically no effort to make and shouldn’t be decreasing the visibility of good games, but shouldn’t Valve focus on improving the visibility of genuinely good games rather than limiting customer choice?

        I know in this case that no-one will miss their absence but ideologically I think Valve shouldn’t take a game off Steam because they don’t think I’ll like it – I’ll decide if I like it or not.

        • Gomly says:

          Digital Homicide release nothing but garbage.

          You are right, Greenlight needs to go but Valve needs to monitor games being released and remove trash that people like Digital Homicide release.

          They are universally hated and have never managed to release a single semi decent game. They are immature, have no idea how to handle criticism or how to put actual effort into development.

          A lot of decent developers are overlooked due to the amount of crap Digital Homicide spam in Greenlight. They need to be banned, not one of their games has been decent.

  6. Daniel Jensen says:

    Eleven games that are exactly the same minus the art?
    And they wonder why people don’t like them.

  7. rednev444 says:

    Yep, saw this coming. I know Valve like to have very little to do with moderating their services, but I was sure that they wouldn’t allow Digihom to just splurge a ton of games onto Greenlight like that. If this means that Valve eventually gets fed up with them and bans them from Steam all together. Good riddance.

  8. gerryq says:

    They should just reduce the maximum number per developer. Maybe allow 2 games max, or have the fees double for each extra game.

  9. Tarragon says:

    Jim fucking Sterling, son.

    • Rainbow Fart says:

      Thank god for him.

    • Jacob Tyler says:

      If either of you needed Sterling to show you how bad DH sucked

      I like Sterling as much as the next person, but this was going to happen to Digital Homicide regardless.

      • TheNathanParable says:

        I very rarely look at Steam Greenlight. I literally would not have known who DH were if it weren’t for Jim Sterling. 😛

  10. RaigaPhantomX010 says:

    So a bit of update, I went back to see their greenlight workshop and most of them that were struck down are no longer there. Is there anything as to why this is the case now?

  11. WhiteNut says:

    It was nice while it lasted but sadly they’re no longer flagged.

  12. Michael Cowan says:

    Steam needs to do more to stop predatory developers from ruining their service.