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Level In TERA, Unlock Another Character Slot

TERA’s latest class is here, the male brawler, and they’re giving people a reason to log back in and give him a chance. The male brawler carries the same fighting capabilities as his female counterpart. To mark the occasion, En Masse Entertainment is hosting a series of events. Log in between March 13 and 20 […]


PUBG Is Dominating PC, But Fortnite Is Gaining Speed

The effects of Fortnite Battle Royale on Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds appears to be nil, at least in the sense that the former has seen a great deal of success and yet the latter continues to rise in popularity. Launched as a free addition to Fortnite, Epic’s Battle Royale clocked in an impressive 525,000 peak concurrent user […]

[Column] Bluehole Studio Doesn’t Have A Moral (or Legal) Leg To Stand On

Bluehole Studios this week decided to release a press release stating that it is considering “further action” against Epic Games over the Battle Royale mode recently added to Fortnite. According to the release, Bluehole is concerned over similarities between the two games, and how Epic uses Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in conversations with the community and press […]

TERA Sees Huge Number Spikes Thanks To Steam

As surprising as it may sound, releasing on Steam can do wonders for a game’s community, as European publisher Gameforge and developer Bluehole Studios found out following the successful rollout of TERA on the digital distribution service. Since its launch, TERA has remained in the top 30 list of free to play games. According to […]

TERA Servers Are Paid After June 11th

TERA players will be happy to know that the restrictions on server transfers have been removed, allowing movement to the previously denied Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley. Players are advised to make use of this freedom of movement, since server transfers will no longer be free soon. Beginning June 11th at noon Pacific, server […]

TERA Previews Coming Soon

Moving with MMO Fallout’s commitment for expanding our medium, I’ve committed to producing more video features. While I will not have access to the TERA sneak peek this weekend, reportedly neither the sneak peek or beta tests will be covered by a non disclosure agreement, meaning MMO Fallout will be publishing several TERA previews, both […]

TERA Can’t Escape Licencing, IP Blocks Coming

Back when Bluehole announced that TERA would have no region restrictions whatsoever, I was admittedly skeptical. An MMO without regional restrictions generally spawns from one of a few circumstances: The same company is publishing it in all regions ala City of Heroes, or there is only one worldwide server ala Eve Online and Mortal Online. […]

NCSoft Is Suing TERA Again

It’s been two years since I last talked about the lawsuit between NCSoft and TERA developer Bluehole Studio, so I think a recap is necessary. Many years ago, before Lineage III was known as Lineage Eternal and when NCSoft still had plans to develop the MMO on the Unreal 3 engine, several members of the […]