Daybreak: Just Kidding, We’re Working On Keeping Just Survive Online

Just Survive is shutting down this year, except it isn’t.

H1Z1 savior Jace Hall this week announced in a Twitch livestream that the less popular half of H1Z1 (or whatever it’s calling itself these days), otherwise known as Just Survive, will not be shutting down in October as originally planned. Last month we learned that Daybreak Game Company had received a sizable investment from NantG and that the PC version would be renamed Z1 Battle Royale and have its development taken over by a joint venture between Daybreak and NantG Mobile lead by Jace Hall himself.

At the time, Hall noted that NantG was unable to negotiate the transfer of Just Survive. Evidently that situation has changed since the original comment. Jace Hall noted in the livestream that discussions are still underway on the exact details of how Just Survive will continue, but it looks like it will become a mode within H1Z1.

“What that means is Just Survive will continue and our intention is to put it into a maintenance mode for a moment but then we want to work with the community over time and figure out the right way to re-integrate Just Survive as a mode inside of Z1. There’ll be a survival mode, you’ll see Just Survive.”

(Source: Twitch)

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