Last Oasis Shuts Down To Fix Servers, Offers Refunds

To those not willing to wait.

Launching an MMO in the middle of a global pandemic where people are at home bored out of their minds and looking for new video games to play can be great for budding young developers. Launching on Early Access? Cool. Reaching a peak of 25k players? Even better. Having your servers buckle because you didn’t expect that big of a response? Not so great.

Such is the case of Last Oasis, whose developer Donkey Crew has announced will be going offline in order to fix some back-end systems that the crew did not expect would get hit this hard at launch.

Any players who don’t wish to sit out the week can apply for a refund via Steam regardless of their playtime. Everyone else is recommended to sit tight. Play a relaxing game of Cooking Mama on the Switch while you wait.

Source: Twitter

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