Whatever Happened To: Edengrad

Remember that game there?

What ever happened to that game Edengrad? For those that keep track of MMO Fallout keeping track of things, you’ll know that we last discussed Edengrad in 2019. Edengrad launched into early access in 2017 and shut down later that same year. Some crazy talk about bankruptcy over at Polish developer Huckleberry Games. In 2019 we also discovered that Huckleberry Games sold some stock to obtain a cash infusion to continue development.

Since then we’ve heard basically nothing.

So what’s the deal? I decided to reach out to Huckleberry Games to see if anyone was helming the email inbox. They weren’t, or at least nobody who considered me worth responding to.

Huckleberry Games is astoundingly still active as a company. On September 28, 2020, Huckleberry Games signed a contract with another company to build them dedicated software and a mobile app. For what? Something to do with solar energy. There is a mention from 2019’s financial report that Huckleberry Games wrote off Edengrad as well as another unrealized project “The Minglers”.

So is Edengrad officially dead? Probably. It’s that special kind of MMO dead, where the developers promise that it’s not dead and then give the community the cold shoulder forever. If Huckleberry Games returns my email or decides to issue a statement I will update this article.

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