Edengrad Officially Retired By Developer

After a couple years of teasing.

Edengrad is officially officially officially dead, following four years of pretending that the game might one day come back. The developer of Edengrad, Huckleberry Games, has since changed its name to Neurone Studio and has been doing contract work for other companies including building an app for a solar energy company.

Launched into early access in 2017, Edengrad pitched itself on “non-linear storyline and unconventional quests.” The game shut down the same year citing monetary issues, and in 2019 Huckleberry Games sold some stock in order to raise development money to bring the game back. We’ve heard nothing since then.

As of today, October 7, Edengrad has been officially retired from Steam. The game hasn’t been available for sale for several years now, but the official retirement tag shows that someone took the deliberate steps to put the nail in the coffin.

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