New World Players Protest Pesky Patch

By review bombing the game on Steam.

New World recently dropped patch 1.1 and as you might expect the player base isn’t happy. If you weren’t farming end-game stuff by the time 1.1 hit, you probably haven’t noticed much different outside the new content. But those who are at that point have been upset about unannounced changes to endgame enemies and those in elite zones that has made farming much more difficult.

According to a dev post, these changes were intentional and meant to challenge players given the new gear available. But intentionally making the game less enjoyable for a swath of your player base doesn’t change the fact that they’ve just made the game less enjoyable for that group of people. And in a world where New World’s concurrent count is in a perpetual state of decline, one has to wonder about the logic behind frustrating the gameplay of those who remain.

As a result, players have taken to showing their frustration via Steam reviews. Recent reviews now sit at a 62% mixed rating with more than 3,000 negative reviews left over the last three days. Amazon may be in the process of acting to fix this problem, but they’re going to have to act fast.

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