RuneScape Introduces Another Tradeable Rare

The golden party hat will be discontinued soon.

If you asked Jagex about discontinued rare items around the late 2000’s the company might consider the process to be a mistake that they had to live with. From 2001 to 2003 when RuneScape was far less popular holiday events would consist of dropping goofy items like party hats and Halloween scythes that were never meant to gain value, but did anyway due to the fact that they had a gradually decreasing number that existed in the economy as accounts were banned over time and people quit.

But then Jagex opened their predatory Treasure Hunter/Squeal of Fortune loot box system and realized people would pay good money for the chance at winning tradeable rares through buying tons of spins, and they made their way back into the game. Tons of expensive rare items have been introduced into the game through limited loot box promotions since 2012.

Today’s update introduces the golden party hat, a new tradeable soon-to-be-discontinued rare item that is bound to have bad actors loading up thousands of bot accounts to farm the thing. The golden party hat can be obtained from November 22 through January 3 with only one creatable per account and a whole list of methods available on how to create said item.

The whole news post can be found here.

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