Arcfall Announces Unreal Engine Shift

Original version to remain online until the new one comes out.

The folks at Neojac Entertainment announced today that MMO Arcfall will be changing its front-end engine to Unreal in the foreseeable future. According to the announcement, the shift is for better performance, a more intensive combat system, and more. The bad news is players can expect progress to be wiped once this new version is up an drunning.

This change will take some time, during which the current version will still be live on Steam. The first demo using Unreal Engine will be released for closed testing to players who have purchased the 500 Arcfall coin pack or higher. When the new version of Arcfall goes live, all accounts will be wiped. Any Arcfall coin purchased and used will be returned, allowing players to purchase new items with the fresh start. More information about this major transition will be released in the upcoming weeks and months.

Arcfall launched into early access in 2017 and currently sits at a 58% mixed rating on Steam.

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