RuneScape Adds Secret Santa

Alongside Wintumber battle pass.

It’s beginning to look a lot like it’s time for another RuneScape battle pass. The Wintumber Aurora pass is finally here in RuneScape combining people’s two favorite activities in the game; battling and passing. As you might expect, the Wintumber Aurora pass adds 50 levels of tasks to grind out over the next month with the promise of cosmetics and stuff and other stuff as the reward.

This year however Jagex has added in a secret Santa track that players can engage with and spread the wealth. Players can donate items worth at least 10,000 gold to the secret Santa polar bear in Burthorpe, with rewards going out to people who donate more than 100,000 in a day and a special title for those who donate 200 million gold in one move. Meanwhile you can claim a gift every two hours which will be pulled from the pool of donated goods by players.

The Wintumber Aurora runs until January 9.

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