DC Universe Online Bans Exploiters

Over 800 accounts indefinitely suspended.

More than 800 accounts have been permanently banned in DC Universe Online this week as Daybreak Game Company patched an exploit affecting ” all systems in the game that utilize fortification.” Apparently we can expect more bans come January along with a plan to address some ill-gotten gains even with players who accidentally abused the exploit and weren’t banned for it.

This was one of the most obscure and challenging bugs / exploits I have personally seen in these past (nearly) 12 years. The team worked all hours and vigorously to find the problem and get a fix out. Even so, the issues still took nearly a full week to resolve and that was too long. I apologize for this delay – we apologize for this situation – and we will work to prevent similar events in the future.

Merry Christmas.

Source: DCUO

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