Lost Ark Pack Has Players Calling Scam

DLC packs getting downvoted on Steam.

If you look up Lost Ark’s founders packs on Steam, you’ll notice that they carry a distinctly lower rating than the main game. In the low-30s at the time of this publication for the most part. Having just launched into free to play on Friday, players are already calling the game a scam, pointing to misleading advertising in the Vanquisher’s Starter Pack.

The Steam page for the founders pack lists, among other things, a set of skins included in the pack. To the outside observer, this may seem to indicate that the player gets everything on the list. In fact, we’ll say that there’s no reason to assume you wouldn’t get everything on the list below.

But when players log in to claim their reward, they are hitting the cold truth that just because Lost Ark has listed everything, doesn’t mean players get everything. In fact, what players get is just one of the skins on the list, chosen when unboxing on their first character. The fact that the description goes as far as to specify that the player gets a choice of the Achatemeow pet, but does not mention only having one choice of the skins, solidifies the claim of false advertising.

While Steam’s refund system will generally automatically refuse refund requests for DLC purchases, players who buy the pack and feel misled should submit a Steam support ticket requesting a manual refund, and cite that the Steam page is misleading on what it gives buyers and does not provide those items.

Other negative reviews on the Founders packs seem to be delegated to players not actually receiving the packs, which may be due to server issues on launch day.

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