Kritika: Reboot Officially Dead Today


Kritika: Reboot is officially dead again. As announced last month, ALLM Co. Ltd. shut down the servers earlier today, and Kritika has been officially retired from Steam. Kritika: Reboot is of course the relaunch of a prior iteration of the same game, closed in 2019 under En Masse Entertainment and rebooted the same year under new operators.

Evidently they couldn’t keep the momentum going, as Kritika: Reboot launched to 3,788 peak concurrent users and less than a year later couldn’t break 1,000. One year after its reboot, Kritika’s Steam numbers had already fallen below 500 concurrent users, and by 2022 that number was under 200. Despite its lack of success, Kritika Reboot had a mostly positive 76% rating. Many of the negative reviews point toward use of the Xigncode 3 anti-cheat, the prevalence of pay to win mechanics, and RNG on upgrading gear.

Will Kritika be coming back? There hasn’t been any public show of interest from the usual suspects, but who knows? Some executive at Gamigo might find a $20 bill under his couch and decide to buy up the rights.

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