Lost Ark Hidden Achievement Ruined Chat

Not that it was fantastic before.

If you told me two weeks ago that I’d be writing a story about how Lost Ark’s chat sucks and it has brought conversation to a complete standstill, I’d probably assume you were talking about gold spam. But no, Lost Ark’s chat has been taken over by a new demon. One that has tons of players screaming into the void.

Now you may have logged in to Lost Ark and immediately started wondering why players are spamming chat to convince others to add them as a friend. What’s the big deal? The big deal is someone figured out that Lost Ark has a hidden achievement that unlocks by having 50 friends on your friend list. What’s more, obtaining that achievement rewards 1,000 amethyst shards. Amethyst shards of course being a premium currency that can be used to buy cosmetics and stuff. Imagine if Fortnite gave people an incentive to spam chat for free V-Bucks.

Dangling that reward has sent the community into a frenzy, with people trampling over one another to desperately get that 50 friend achievement as fast as possible. Possibly before the devs realize what a stupid idea it was and shut it all down. Regardless, between the gold spam and people desperately begging for friends chat in Lost Ark has become an even more unbearable hellscape.

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