Steam: Bro Falls Suspended, Inflates Reviews

Bro Falls pulled from Steam until further notice.

If you logged in to Steam this week, you may have noticed that it’s no longer possible to acquire Bro Falls or buy anything on the in-game store. On February 17, Bro Falls became unavailable on Steam with the message “At the request of the publisher, Bro Falls is no longer available for sale on Steam.” This is a generic message created by Valve, not by the developer. Who knows why the game was removed? The developer seems to know.

The issue at hand appears to be review manipulation, an activity that is prohibited by Valve’s terms of service. According to the game’s Discord, Bro Falls has been suspended due to review manipulation after the developer started offering free codes for the game in return for positive reviews. Note, specifically positive reviews.

The Steam store indicates that Valve have marked all reviews from January 7, 2022 to present as off-topic and evidently will continue doing so going forward. Inflating scores by offering incentives for positive reviews is of course a violation of Valve’s terms of service for developers, and is an easy way to get booted from the store with little opportunity to appeal. Unless Bro Falls is able to get back on to the store, they will be unable to update the game on Steam or sell premium/battle pass on the platform.

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