Lost Ark To Raise Chat Requirement

You’ll need to be level 35.

Lost Ark is chugging along, and over the weekend Amazon posted a thread detailing top issues that are being worked on. The bad news is that due to technical complications Amazon is unable to add more servers/capacity to the Europe Central cluster, which led to the opening of Europe West.

Among a few other topics, the team is also working on banning the incessant gold spam that has taken over Prideholme and a few other zones. Area chat in an upcoming update will also be raised to level 35 to combat spam.

We are also aware of the increase in gold sellers spamming chat and are running frequent scripts to ban them. We will be putting area chat restrictions in place up to level 35 to combat the spamming in Lost Ark, and are also actively working on improving our in-game moderation tools. We will continue to monitor, remove these gold spammers, and take actions as needed.

No specific timeline has been given on when players can expect this to be implemented. We will update when it does go live.

Source: Lost Ark Forums

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