Survarium Fails To Launch After Seven Years

Will die in early access.

Survarium was a game that had a lot of promise, back when Vostok launched it into early access in 2015. The last seven years have proven that you can keep a game on life support with no vision by injecting pay to win mechanics at every given opportunity. After seven years of failing to push the title out of early access, Vostok announced this month that Survarium will be closing its doors.

The game launched into early access in April 2015. The closure is expected in mid-May with a number of events to occur before that happens. Criticisms levied at Survarium often point toward poor matchmaking, the developer’s inability (or unwillingness) to deal with rampant hacking, and the fact that because the game tended to match new players against well-equipped veterans that it effectively closed the door for new players sticking with the title. Player count has steadily dropped over the years and according to Steam charts has not breached 1,000 players since late 2017.

As for Vostok? They’ve moved on to the next game.

After the closure of Survarium, the team of Vostok Games will fully focus on the new project already in development.

Since the launch of Survarium, Vostok also released the title Fear The Wolves under publisher Focus Home Interactive. Fear The Wolves launched in February 2019 and was immediately abandoned by Vostok, with not a single news post since then. Fear The Wolves, perhaps karmically, died with a month after launch with only a couple dozen people playing at most times.

Vostok is going to have an uphill battle selling their next game, given the growing graveyard of abandoned and unfinished titles they are leaving in their wake.

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