Don’t Forget To Spend Your Psychogenic Intel

Otherwise you won’t get any more.

I chalk up a lot of problems in my life to a lack of observation, and in today’s case I figured I’d share my oversight that wound up with a good hour of wasted time. This week’s update to Destiny 2 continues the post-campaign mission line with Operation Elbrus. At step 11 of the operation, the player is asked to obtain 500 Psychogenic Intel which can be completed in so many areas you’re probably not aware that you’ve maxed out your haul.

Which I did. You can carry 2,000 Psychogenic Intel on your inventory before it maxes out, after which you need to take part in the PsiOps Battlegrounds to spend on the chests at the end of each mission. If you don’t notice this, you may be wondering why you’re playing the game and not getting any intel. The max is also shared, meaning if your main has capped out at 2,000 you still won’t get any on your alts until you use it.

Alternately you can just delete the intel and you’ll start gaining it again, but why not put it to use?

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