Minimon Inducted To Abandonware List

Ahead of its annual checkup.

Here at MMO Fallout I do annual checkups on early access MMOs, specifically those of the indie type. Minimon is a game that technically should have been put on the list last year, but we decided to give the developer leeway considering a factor that will come up shortly. That window has closed.

Minimon is a Pokemon clone that launched on March 25, 2015. In April 2020, the developer announced that they were working on a remake of Minimon, despite the original version not having hit launch. Despite the fact that the developer is not working on the current version, they are still selling the it on Steam. According to a post on the forums, those who buy the current version will receive the remake for free.

Dev here. Most of the team left, so I’m currently remaking the game from scratch, and doing that alone, that takes time. The current version here on Steam has tons of content though, and anyone that owns it will receive the remade game as free update.

While the developer was posting as far as September 2021, due to the fact that substantive content updates hinge on the developer (by themselves) finishing and releasing the remake, MMO Fallout has to put Minimom on our official Abandonware list. Spending any money on the current iteration of the game should be considered high risk, even by early access standards, as the developer has already shelved it for a remake.

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