Jagex Launches Jagex Launcher

Pull up a lawn chair and launch some Jagex launchers.

Jagex today officially unveiled the Jagex Launcher, a launcher for Jagex launchers that launches Jagex launchers. Presently available in beta, the Jagex Launcher is a central way for gamers to play Jagex titles. Currently only supporting RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, the launcher will presumably eventually be home to Jagex’s other published games. Like Melvor Idle. Or one of Jagex’s upcoming cancelled unannounced MMOs.

You can download the beta launcher from the official website, with support for Mac coming in the future. Right now it promises to remember your account as long as you log in every 30 days, and for Old School RuneScape players you’ll eventually be able to download and install RuneLite directly from the launcher.

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