Space Punks Enters Open Beta

Also free to play.

Space Punks is a game we here at MMO Fallout have been following for a little while now. A top-down ARPG where the player takes on one of four mercenaries, Space Punks is definitely looking to make a name in this world. Developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Jagex, April 20 marks the date of open beta and the fifth major update; The Cracked One.

Highlight of The Cracked One being The Crack, an endless dungeon with infinite possibilities for rewards. The update also adds in a bunch of patches, fixes, tweaks, and bug fixes. Space Punks gets listed today as free to play on Epic Games Store, and players can look forward to no more planned wipes.

Micha? Kuk, Head of Cracow Studio for Flying Wild Hog and Space Punks Game Director said:

“The launch of the Space Punks Open Beta is another huge step for us in the ongoing development of the game, and we’re excited to talk about everything new we’re adding for players both old and new to enjoy. The introduction of “the Crack” adds the first stage of an endgame content that our Early Access community has been clamouring for. Combined with the revisions to the primary gameplay loop, “The Cracked One” update represents the completion of the central “core” of Space Punks. We still have a huge amount we’re looking to add to the game throughout the Open Beta and beyond, so watch this Space!”

Check out the trailer below. More details on the official website. Servers and game will be available at some point later today.

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