Cultivation Tales Returns, Still A Hated Game

Cultivation Tales returns to Steam only so people can still hate it.

Cultivation Tales is an open world survival crafting game released last April that caught our attention when the developer unceremoniously yanked it from Steam following a week of launch trouble. In the intervening weeks, the game eventually went back online on May 4. Relaunch numbers hit a peak of about 7.2 thousand concurrent users which has since plummeted to about two thousand.

And everyone has gone back to hating Cultivation Tales. Reviews from the last week since the May 4 relaunch are currently sitting at a 21% “mostly negative” score. Reviews are very difficult to read as they’re mostly in Chinese and laden with insults that don’t quite translate to English. The few reviews that did make the translation seem to point to the game’s monetization, expensive cosmetics, continued server instability, and the fact that the game saves your single player progress online making your character inaccessible if the servers are having problems.

Can Cultivate Tales come back? Very few games get a second first impression these days. We’ll have to wait and see.

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